New and small businesses face daunting and important decisions on a daily basis. These decisions can easily affect finances as well as the continued success and existence of the business.

The review, negotiation and preparation of contracts and agreements are an essential aspect of any business. If you are a new or small business owner seeking legal insight into these complex and confusing situations, we can help you to form your business strategy, negotiate agreements and contracts that protect your interests and help you develop a management and decision making process that will ensure your success.

A dispute between businesses or individuals can often escalate into litigation. We recognize the importance of your claim and work immediately to protect your rights. In the event that litigation occurs, our litigation practice is both tenacious and attentive to all details.

Our firm provides experienced counsel in a complete range of business services from the organization and creation of a new business, to the daily legal needs of an existing business. Let us help you with:

* Formation of Business Entities (LLC, Corporation etc.)
* Sale and Purchase of a Business
* Leases/Contract Negotiations
* Commercial Litigation
* Consumer Fraud Litigation
* Business Contracts, Disputes and Litigation
* Chancery Matters